The FBI Says It Can’t Find Hackers to Hire Because They All Smoke Pot

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Update 5/21/14: After being chastised for his comments about marijuana by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), FBI director Comey told those in attendance at a senate hearing on the bureau’s oversight that he was just kidding. 

“I am absolutely dead set against using marijuana,” he said at the hearing, “I don’t want young people to use marijuana. It’s against the law. We have a three-year ban on marijuana. I did not say that I’m going to change that ban. I said I have to grapple with the change in my workforce.”

It’s no secret that the federal government is having a hard time hiring cybersecurity experts, largely because many hackers can find more lucrative deals that don’t involve working for the feds. But there’s another wrinkle: the FBI now says that its drug-testing policies are keeping experts off the payroll.

According to the Wall Street Journal, FBI Director James Comey said that in order to pursue so-called cyber criminals, the government would pretty much have to let government hackers get stoned—because who’s going to quit the habit just to work for the FBI?

“I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,” Comey said, clearly not pandering to stereotypes.

The reason for the FBI’s unorthodox approach is that Congress has told the agency it needs to hire 2,000 more people this year, and many of those new recruits are going to fight computer-related crime. And as it turns out, those that know computer crime best aren’t often the Men’s Wearhouse set.

The agency’s current regs say that the lawmen won’t hire someone who has “smoked” marijuana in the last three years. (No word on dabs, edibles and other forms of marijuana consumption.)

In theory, relaxing hiring restrictions for marijuana does make sense. Earlier this year, the feds admitted that the government isn’t very good at internet security—despite the fact that the NSA is basically a Philip K. Dick character’s worst nightmare—and that various agencies need to take a long, hard look at hiring practices across the board.

“[We have] the government hiring practices of the 1940s and 50s in the 21st century,” Gregory Wilshusen, director of information at the General Accountability Office, told InformationWeek.

Also, despite the federal government’s mixed approach to marijuana enforcement, the majority of Americans believe that it’s about time to legalize the drug, which remains classified as a Schedule I drug in the US, which is reserved for the most “dangerous” and “addictive” intoxicants known to humanity.

Regardless of the federal government’s stance, the FBI will apparently consider the issue, and is encouraging anyone who has recently got stoned to apply for a job.

2014 in review of Hemp Truth

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Studies on Cannabis abound, but due to insatiable greed and obscene financial interests, conventional medicine and the cancer industry greatly ignore the impressive anticancer properties of Cannabis.

So they vilify Cannabis and lobby government aggressively to keep Cannabis illegal.

This post includes 134 published scientific studies on the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids, sorted alphabetically by country.

It is up to the public to demand that government legalize Cannabis for the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Cannabis is not a drug




















Angela Brown faces 2 years for say son with cannabis

This Minnesota Mom is Facing 2 Years in Jail for Saving Her Son’s Life

“I broke the law, but I did it to save my son…..We are good hard working people that were just trying to save our son’s life. It has been a living hell since his injury and this just adds to our ever growing stress.”

Madison, MN — A mother of two is facing jail time for seeking out life saving cannabis oil to treat her son’s horrifying seizures.

This nightmare for the Brown family started 3 years ago, when their son Trey, then 12, was hit in the head with a baseball causing a traumatic brain injury.

The brain injury has caused severe tremors and episodes in which he causes himself harm.

“We chose to treat him with medicinal cannabis oil, which saved his life, after all doctors failed him,” explains Angela Brown.

Eventually a doctor advised the family to seek out cannabis oil in Boulder, CO. What Angela and her husband David Brown found when they went to Boulder was a miracle drug; the cannabis oil actually treated their son’s debilitating condition.

They were extremely relieved. However, thanks to the state, this relief would be short lived.

Shortly after returning to Minnesota, Trey’s school found out about the cannabis oil treatments and reported Angela Brown to authorities. Apparently there are still some people in society who possess a certain level of criminal ignorance who would turn in a mother to the police for trying to help her son.

She was subsequently arrested and charged with two gross misdemeanor counts of child endangerment.

Those who would throw a person in jail for possessing a plant are criminals. Those who would throw a mother in jail for trying to help her suffering son have a special kind of iniquitous repugnance far beyond that of a criminal.

Angela is now facing a possible 2 years in prison and a $6,000 fine.

The ironic turn to this story is that Minnesota is the 22nd state to approve medical marijuana and her son’s condition is covered under this provision.

However, the law does not go into effect until July of 2015, so their actions are still considered illegal by this grueling bureaucratic apparatus.

We are good hard working people that were just trying to save our son’s life. It has been a living hell since his injury and this just adds to our ever growing stress,” says Brown on their GoFundMe Page setup to raise funds for the families legal defense.

If you’d like to show you monetary support for the Browns, please do so by donating to their GoFundMe Campaign.

This Mom Faces 2 Years in Jail For Saving Her Son … with Medical Weed

If this story strikes a nerve with you and you feel that depriving someone of their freedom for treating their son’s illness is wrong, click the share button below and help to expose this atrocity.
Published on Oct 27, 2014

Trey Brown’s mom couldn’t find a medication to ease Trey’s pain. So she traveled to Colorado to buy him cannabis oil. Trey’s school found out and turned in his mom. Now she faces up to 2 years in jail.


Learn about U.N. Agenda 21 and their depopulation agenda then you well know why this natural cure is illegal..

happy gay
This poor woman she needs a hug. Anyone who would send her to jail should be ashamed of themselves!!! She loves her son, it’s obvious, give her a fucking award, don’t you dare send her to jail!?

+ET310MT2 Cannabis is not a is a natural herb..wake up..

QueenBee Nightly
Even if she has to serve 2 years it was worth it now wasn’t it. And her story will carry far and wide and the public officials involved will be named, shamed, and perhaps even lose their standing in the community if she plays her cards right.

Cannabis Killed My Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer


You need natural fat in your diet, be it animal or plant.. Do not consume man made artificial fats. Fat is what your body uses to store and neutralize toxins. Cancer is not a disease or illness.. It is a deficiency condition..You are deficient in natural fats.. Thank the U.N. Agenda 21 world depopulation agenda for all natural fats being taken out of your diet…

Daniel J Towsey


Phoenix Tears – Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure

Published on Oct 30, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time making a YouTube, I got a bit nervous & emotional but my intent is to give others HOPE, so please overlook my mistakes & delivery.

My Story in brief: (Book to follow)

Monday 16th December 2013 I had been complaining of a small niggling pain on my left side around my ribs for a few days but nothing too bad.

I’d had an hour massage on the previous Friday so I thought that I was just feeling the after effects of that.

As the days went on when I took a big deep breath I did have slight pain on my left side. So I got it checked out.

On Thursday 19th December 2013 an ED Doctor found a mass on my left lung after a chest X-Ray this was quickly followed by CT with contrast.

The ED Doctor came out & motioned for us to come into her office & sit down not saying a word. She opened the conversation with I’m so very sorry…..what?? I’m so very sorry.

There appears to be a sizable mass in your left lung – what? What is it? Have you ever smoked? What? No? Never! The look on the Doctors face said it all.

There seemed to be silence, just her looking at me & time seemed to be slowed down somehow. She kept saying sorry, sorry to give you this news so close to Christmas.

What? She said she has contacted a Respiratory Registrar to come down to see me to book in for a biopsy of the mass. My head was spinning! I recall saying a number of times, what? No? What? I don’t smoke, I never have, what? Well we can remove it right?

What? It’s like I could hear myself saying the same thing over & over but I couldn’t stop. But I’m so healthy. What? No?
It really did feel like she was talking about someone else. It didn’t feel real. I was thinking to myself, it will be fine, Doctors will operate & take it out somehow, and it will be fine.

But it wasn’t fine. After several attempts to biopsy the tumour, finally on Monday 13th January 2014 the Doctors were able to get a sample via a CT guided chest/lung biopsy through my back.

The X-Ray taken 4 hours after to check the lung, showed a minor haemorrhage around the left lung mass & as a bonus they managed to give me a pneumothorax (partially collapsed lung).
Wednesday 15th January we got the results, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (adenocarcinoma) & a PET SCAN was booked to see if it had spread. As I was a non-smoker the Doctors were convinced that the lung would not be my primary.

Friday 17th January 2014 – PET SCAN. The lung was the primary, 5cm mass, 2 lymph nodes in the chest & one in the base of the neck, fluid around my heart, and cancer in the pleura or lining of the lung.

The Doctors told me as it had spread to the lining of my lung & lymph nodes they classified me as stage IV Terminal Lung Cancer with a prognosis of 6-9mth to live.

Thursday 30th January 2014 1st chemo (5hrs)
Thursday 6th February 2014 2nd Chemo (1hour)
Friday 14th February 2014 we found out that the biopsy taken was EGFR positive mutation, so no more chemo, yah!

Thursday 20th February 2014 start TARCEVA 150mg tablets (Erlotinib)

Tuesday 25th February 2014 start juicing heaps of fresh cannabis leaves

Wednesday 26th February 2014 my Husband cooked 1st batch of cannabis oil

Sunday 20th April 2014 my Husband cooked 2nd batch of cannabis oil

Tuesday 22nd April 2014 we received cannabis oil from an experienced Medical Cannabis activist that was prepared to help

Tuesday 20th May 2014 we started experimenting with suppositories & eventually by mixing .5ml of organic coconut oil with .5ml cannabis oil in a 1ml syringe just straight up & in we call it ‘the backdoor method’.

I believe that this was our break through & also with this method I experienced no ‘high’ & was able to have the full 1ml of cannabis oil per day as what was recommended for an aggressive cancer.

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 PET scan Conclusion: complete metabolic response. Residual non-FDG avid scar tissue in the left upper lobe corresponding to the site of the previously intense FDG avid primary malignancy. NO CANCER!!!

Yes, there is a lot more detail that I could go into but this is just a quick look at my year so far. I hope it helps someone if so, please let me know.

My Husband & I would like to thank all the amazing people from around the world that helped us on a Facebook Group Site called ‘Cannabis Oil Success Stories’.

These people taught us all we know & helped save my life.
Also very helpful websites & BIG thankyou to:- (for good nutrient & other advice)

Remember happiness is a choice…………..choose every day to be H A P P Y!

This is my personal experience of healing & everyone is different it worked for us but may not for all. This is an accumulation of knowledge we have gathered over the past eight months. Please prayerfully consider.


How to Make a Small Batch of Rick Simpson Oil Cannabis Cancer Cure


Forever Grateful


This is the YouTube we used to make our first two batches of Cannabis Oil, the 95% alcohol we used was Polmos Spirytus rectified spirit product of Poland which we purchased from Dan Murphy’s.
PLEASE DO NOT us chemical solvents to make the oil.
God Bless & stay H A P P Y
This is the YouTube we used to make our first two batches of Cannabis Oil – the 95% alcohol we used was Polmos Spirytus rectified spirit product of Poland which we purchased from Dan Murphy’s.  PLEASE do not use any chemical solvents.
God Bless & stay H A P P Y

Backdoor Medicine: How Cannabis Suppositories Can Save Lives

We started using the “Backdoor Method” on the 20th May 2014 as I was having trouble getting up to the 1ml of Cannabis Oil orally, which is recommended for aggressive cancers.  We started mixing half a ml of organic coconut oil with a half a ml of cannabis oil to put it in suppositories but this wasted a lot of our oil & was messy.  So we decided to draw it up with a 1ml syringe & put it straight in.  Up & in.
It wasn’t until 23rd September 2014 that we found this article on the Internet which explains it much better. BACKDOOR METHOD:-


Eight months ago, we knew nothing about this at all. I guess until you have a real need, you don’t need to look outside the box. Check out and That’s where we started our search. The truth is out there, seriously

Mynzah Osiris

A new British medical study out today has backed up previous findings that cannabis cures cancer. This survivor has taken to YouTube to tell her amazing story of how the super-plant saved her life after she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given between six to nine months to live.

The doctors told her there was nothing they could do to save her life, and although chemotherapy was an option to give her an extra few months, they said it could never shrink her tumors. Her family did their own research and found out about cannabis. What happened next is inspirational and gives hope to all of us. Shortly after they said she´d die, her tumors disappeared. This brave, happy woman says she has above average lung function and is feeling great.Wow, is all we can say. One in three of us will get cancer in our lifetimes. Please share this information!


Every single day there is more and more videos of people describing their experiences with cancer, and cannabis oil. I have yet to find an instance in which cannabis was ineffective.

Every case I come across is another amazing success story!
The US Government knew as far back as the 1970’s that cannabis killed cancer cells in vitro (outside of the human body).They did absolutely nothing to pursue their research any further. 25 years later, Rick Simpson blew the lid off of the entire thing when he began treating himself and other people, free of charge, and curing what doctors had already dubbed incurable. And now?
Now the general public does more to cure their own diseases than “modern medicine”.
Technically, there isn’t a disease known to man that isolated, or combined cannabinoids can’t treat or cure outright!Thank you so much for sharing this! I really admire your families ability to find another way in the face of such adversity. I literally comb the internet trying to find first hand accounts of people curing themselves with cannabis. I compile everything at–



“Cannabinoids are INHIBITING these kinase (cell signaling, energy/food transfer) this leads to Autophagy or cell digestion, cell death called Apoptosis basically cell suicide”
Dr. Cristina Sanchez
“THC binds to protein receptors on a cancerous cell’s surface, inducing cell to make Ceramide, prompting cell to start devouring itself, programmed cell death. Noncancerous cells don’t make Ceramide when they come into contact with THC, HEALTHY cells don’t die”
Dr. Manuel Guzmán


Good for you lady.  So many people have laughed at me when I tell them about this; especially people with cancer for some reason.  I wish you a long, happy life, and thank you for having the guts to spread the word.


Hello! My husband also has the same exact decease as yours with EFGR mutation. He is taking Tarceva everyday along with cannabis oil for a little bit over a year. Are you still taking Tarceva?

We would like to connect with you if you do not mind. Our e-mail is
Much love.

Sherelle Smith

All Glory be to God! My mom just passed from stage four stomach cancer! All we needed was more time! I pray that your health continues to be great and you can share your story with the world! This is a story I will to share with the world!

Bob Montoya

Christians are called that because the anointing Christ got (hence the term Christ ) was done with Holy Oil made with Cannabis. We simply need to understand that we have been lied to for a profit, since this miracle plant was made illegal.

Exodus 30:23 for the recipe.
ding dong
ubmed, cancer/oncology journals,Harvard studies, studies from Germany,Spain, America, Australia,etc etc all show the benfits medical cannibis has on cancer….Images of cancers being reduced by canniboids….
A study published by the US National Library of Medicine, conducted by Harvard Medical School investigated
the role of cannabinoid receptors in lung cancer cells. They determined its effectiveness and suggested that
it should be used for treatment against lung cancer cells.—————-Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2011 Jan;4(1):65-75. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-10-0181. Epub 2010 Nov 19.
Cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, as novel targets for inhibition of non-small cell lung cancer growth and metastasis.
Preet A1, Qamri Z, Nasser MW, Prasad A, Shilo K, Zou X, Groopman JE, Ganju RK.
Author information1Division of Experimental Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston,
Massachusetts, USA.
————————-(AbstractNon-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide; however, only limited
therapeutic treatments are available. Hence, we investigated the role of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2,
as novel therapeutic targets against NSCLC. We observed expression of CB1 (24%) and CB2 (55%) in NSCLC patients.
Furthermore, we have shown that the treatment of NSCLC cell lines (A549 and SW-1573) with CB1/CB2- and CB2-specific
agonists Win55,212-2 and JWH-015, respectively, significantly attenuated random as well as growth factor-directed
in vitro chemotaxis and chemoinvasion in these cells.
We also observed significant reduction in focal adhesion
complex, which plays an important role in migration, upon treatment with both JWH-015 and Win55,212-2.
In addition, pretreatment with CB1/CB2 selective antagonists, AM251 and AM630, prior to JWH-015 and Win55,212-2
treatments, attenuated the agonist-mediated inhibition of in vitro chemotaxis and chemoinvasion. In addition,
both CB1 and CB2 agonists Win55,212-2 and JWH-133, respectively, significantly inhibited in vivo tumor growth and
lung metastasis (~50%). These effects were receptor mediated, as pretreatment with CB1/CB2 antagonists abrogated
CB1/CB2 agonist-mediated effects on tumor growth and metastasis.
Reduced proliferation and vascularization, along
with increased apoptosis, were observed in tumors obtained from animals treated with JWH-133 and Win55,212-2.
Upon further elucidation into the molecular mechanism, we observed that both CB1 and CB2 agonists inhibited
phosphorylation of AKT, a key signaling molecule controlling cell survival, migration, and apoptosis, and
reduced matrix metalloproteinase 9 expression and activity. These results suggest that CB1 and CB2 could be
used as novel therapeutic targets against NSCLC.©2010 AACR.)—————-A study published by the US National Library of Medicine by the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology,
from the Department of General Surgery in Germany determined that cannabinoids inhibit cancer cell invasion.
Effects were confirmed in primary tumour cells from a lung cancer patient.  Overall, data indicated that
cannabinoids decrease cancer cell invasiveness. J. 2012 Apr;26(4):1535-48. doi: 10.1096/fj.11-198184. Epub 2011 Dec 23.Cannabidiol inhibits lung cancer cell invasion and metastasis via intercellular adhesion molecule-1.Ramer R1, Bublitz K, Freimuth N, Merkord J, Rohde H, Haustein M, Borchert P, Schmuhl E, Linnebacher M, Hinz B.(AbstractCannabinoids inhibit cancer cell invasion via increasing tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases-1
(TIMP-1). This study investigates the role of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) within this action.
In the lung cancer cell lines A549, H358, and H460, cannabidiol (CBD; 0.001-3 µM) elicited concentration-dependent
ICAM-1 up-regulation compared to vehicle via cannabinoid receptors, transient receptor potential vanilloid 1, and
p42/44 mitogen-activated protein kinase.Up-regulation of ICAM-1 mRNA by CBD in A549 was 4-fold at 3 µM, with
significant effects already evident at 0.01 µM. ICAM-1 induction became significant after 2 h, whereas significant
TIMP-1 mRNA increases were observed only after 48 h.Inhibition of ICAM-1 by antibody or siRNA approaches reversed
the anti-invasive and TIMP-1-upregulating action of CBD and the likewise ICAM-1-inducing cannabinoids
?(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol and R(+)-methanandamide when compared to isotype or nonsilencing siRNA controls.
ICAM-1-dependent anti-invasive cannabinoid effects were confirmed in primary tumor cells from a lung cancer patient.
In athymic nude mice, CBD elicited a 2.6- and 3.0-fold increase of ICAM-1 and TIMP-1 protein in A549 xenografts, as
compared to vehicle-treated animals, and an antimetastatic effect that was fully reversed by a neutralizing antibody
against ICAM-1 [% metastatic lung nodules vs. isotype control (100%): 47.7% for CBD + isotype antibody and 106.6%
for CBD + ICAM-1 antibody]. Overall, our data indicate that cannabinoids induce ICAM-1, thereby conferring TIMP-1
induction and subsequent decreased cancer cell invasiveness.)———A study published in the journal Oncogene, by Harvard Medical Schools Experimental Medicine Department
determined that THC inhibits epithelial growth factor induced lung cancer cell migration and more.
They go on to state that THC should be explored as novel therapeutic molecules in controlling the growth
and metastasis of certain lung cancers.

(?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary cannabinoid of marijuana and has been shown to either
potentiate or inhibit tumor growth, depending on the type of cancer and its pathogenesis.

Little is known about the activity of cannabinoids like THC on epidermal growth factor receptor-overexpressing
lung cancers, which are often highly aggressive and resistant to chemotherapy. In this study, we characterized the effects of THC on the EGF-induced growth and metastasis of human non-small cell
lung cancer using the cell lines A549 and SW-1573 as in vitro models.

We found that these cells express the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, known targets for THC action, and that THC inhibited
EGF-induced growth, chemotaxis and chemoinvasion.

Moreover, signaling studies indicated that THC may
act by inhibiting the EGF-induced phosphorylation of ERK1/2, JNK1/2 and AKT.

THC also induced the phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase at tyrosine 397. Additionally, in in vivo studies in severe combined immunodeficient mice, there was significant inhibition of the subcutaneous tumor growth and lung metastasis of A549 cells in THC-treated animals as compared to vehicle-treated controls.

Tumor samples from THC-treated animals revealed antiproliferative and antiangiogenic effects of THC.

Our study suggests that cannabinoids like THC should be explored as novel therapeutic molecules in controlling the growth and metastasis of certain lung cancers.)

?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits epithelial growth factor-induced lung cancer cell migration in vitro as
well as its growth and metastasis in vivo

A Preet1, R K Ganju1,2 and J E Groopman1,2

1Division of Experimental Medicine, Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

Correspondence: Drs JE Groopman or RK Ganju, Division of Experimental Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center, Harvard Institutes of Medicine Building, 4 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115, USA. E-mail: or

2JEG and RKG share the senior and corresponding authorship.

Received 21 January 2007; Revised 29 May 2007; Accepted 1 June 2007; Published online 9 July 2007.


Colt Sute
its called propoganda and a deeply ingrained societal stigma carefully crafted against cannabis.



“Citicoline (also known as: Cytidine disphosphate-choline (CDO-Choline) & Cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine) is involved in making the chemical called phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylcholine is a major component of all your major cell membranes.
Citicoline elevates your levels of Acetylcholine, Acetylcholine is a Neurotransmitter. When you take a functional (THC) dose and you are feeling good / euphoria while some can never take too much but for most people who take too much become unhappy.
Citicoline doesn’t work the same way as CBD or Pregnenolone how that inhibits the high by working through the CB1 receptor.
Both Citicoline and Cannabidiol work by directly inhibiting CB1 activity but which is getting you high, but is also killing a lot of Cancers based on studies.
Different Cancers require CB1 activation in order to kill them. Citicoline doesn’t work in that way at all, it works by making more Acetylcholine, what that implies is that THC is known to inhibit Acetylcholine what that all suggests is that the fear and paranoia of taking too much Cannabis comes because your turning down the Acetycholine levels in parts of your Brain the outcome of turning Acetycholine levels down is fear and paranoia.
Citicoline elevates the Acetycholine that was inhibited by the THC that gave you the fear and paranoia and you don’t hallucinate as much using Citicoline and we produce it ourselves.
Citicoline works effectively when given 3-5 times more than Cannabis, the in-experienced start them off with very low doses to feel the experience then introduce Citicoline depending on ones personal THC comfort level.”
Dr. Robert Melamede
+sarys73 SYDNEY: DOWN UNDER BUT ON TOP OF FACTS You (sarys73) mentioned that Citicoline didn’t work for you.
I’m assuming you didn’t take enough, as Dr. Melamede recommends (for people who don’t want the high) taking 3-5 times OR more of Citicoline compared to the amount of Cannabis PRIOR to Cannabis use.
Again everyone is different some may prefer a (slight) high feeling, in about 1-2 weeks the body becomes accustomed to THC.
Dr. Jonathon Arnold, stated that the human body has the capacity to store large quantities of THC and it may remain for weeks or even years! (increases the fact that no one has ever directly died from Cannabis use, unlike Alcohol aka wife beater juice!!).
siobhan mccorry
the idea of this is disgusting. you might as well just take pharmaceuticals… why do people always want to come in with an outside thing and fuck cannabis up?

Brendan Walsh

Brings a tear to my eye watching an ordinary woman who has her faith and good man beside her ,trusting Cannabis to show her a different picture.
My own mother got breast cancer and as I was too weak I let my brother and sister allow the State health service to kill our Mam and in thirteen short painful months and while I could have gotten bricks of green in a few phone calls, my christian school teacher sister would have called the Law to have me arrested ….fucked up crazy world .It is Simple Madness that this amazing plant is still illegal …why !
Cancer industry is too profitable..and U.N. Agenda 21 is the plan to depopulate

Marijuana Has Never Done HARM Ever

Giftoftruth United

The greatest gift is the Gift of Truth, of Love.

O' Canada

Reflections on Canadian Culture From Below the Border


Uniting the world, One Love at a time. :D



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