Hemp Jenns Gems

Jenn’s Gems

The hemp plant has many uses and properties as follows:

One acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4.1 acres of trees. The hemp plant produces some of the strongest natural fibers, and uses less chemical processing than wood. The plant can survive on a clear cut mountainside, without crop rotation, and the harvest cycle is anywhere from 3 months to a year.

Hemp canvas is durable and was used by many painters including Rembrant and Van Gogh.

Hemp was also used to make all kinds of textiles and fabrics for clothes, tents, linens, flags, paper, etc. In fact, Thomas Jefferson grew hemp for clothing fiber, and wrote about it’s cultivation and uses considerably in his Farm Book. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

70% to 90% of all rope was made out of hemp until 1937.

Hemp seed contains effective proteins and essential fatty acids, and can be ground into flour. With it’s high nutritional value and short cultivation cycle, hemp could be a viable food source for the masses.

Why is it that America does not use this worthy resource? It happens to come from the marijuana plant, that is illegal to grow. The drug part, or the THC, is either removed from the plant before processing into these items, or the plant is grown in such a way that there is never any THC in it. The United States imports hemp products, which includes clothing, bags, wallets, paper, hempseed oil capsules, hats, cooking oil, jewelry, cosmetics, food, twine, candles, blankets, coffee, etc., which is legal. These products are increasing in popularity as more Americans are discovering the benefits of hemp.

All of my hemp products have an attached card explaining some of the benefits and uses of the hemp plant. And the jewelry is finished off on either end with a ring and a clasp. I am planning to extend my variety of hemp products, so please visit my booth at the upcoming craft fairs in Las Vegas.


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