Global Marijuana March in Halifax. N.S.

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Global Marijuana March in Halifax (1of3) I like to roll a joint

Featuring Joseph Daniel

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Global Marijuana March in Halifax (2of3) Roll a joint song


Global Marijuana March in Halifax (3of3) March begins


Greeting Cannabis Law Reform Community

NORML Canada would like to thank its members for helping make the 2013 National Erb4Herb 420 rallies such a great success. The events were bigger and better than ever – and we were there, front and centre, in many cities.

We also had an opportunity to meet many new members. We wish to welcome you warmly to NORML Canada, and we look forward to working with you in the future. We hope to see many of you at the 2013 Global Marijuana March.

Marching Forward: the 2013 Global Marijuana March

GMM 2013Building on the success of this year’s 420 rallies – we hope to see many of our new members at the 2013 Global Marijuana Marches. On Saturday May 4th, thousands of people from around the world will take to the streets to promote cannabis law reform.

[UPDATE] We neglected to mention that in Toronto there will be two Global Marijuana Marches. One will take place on May 4, 2013 and the other on May 11, 2013. Both begin at 12:00 noon at Queen’s Park and for both GMMs the actual march commences at 2 pm.

  • The May 11th GMM is the official Toronto GMM ( and will coincide with the Toronto Freedom Festival.
  • The May 4th GMM is being organized by the Toronto Hash Mob and is intended to take place on the same day as GMMs all over the world.

NORML Canada intends to have a table at the May 11th GMM in Toronto, but we wish both marches success.

We hope to see you there! It might feel as though legalization is just around the corner, but it takes the continued efforts of all of us to continue our momentum. Keep an eye out for a Norml Member at your local event. Bring your friends and come take to the streets with NORML Canada at GMM 2013.


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Medicinal Cannabis Alliance


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