Marijuana growers compete in cannabis cups despite risks

Marijuana growers compete in ‘cannabis cups’ despite risks

Pot growers will display their wares when they meet for a 'canabis cup' event in Saskatchewan this fall.

Pot growers will display their wares when they meet for a ‘canabis cup’ event in Saskatchewan this fall.

Photograph by: Norov Dmitriy , PROVINCE

Medical marijuana growers in Saskatchewan are preparing for a September competition that’s the latest in a series of friendly contests between growers across Canada.

But organizer Jeff Lundstrom said staying within the law and organizing these “cannabis cups” is difficult.

“It takes a lot of money, a lot of work and a lot of risk,” he said.

There are a few yearly contests in Vancouver and Toronto such as the Toronto Cannabis Cup and the Treating Yourself Expo, but Lundstrom said smaller contests in other cities often have trouble finding venues and sponsors.

“It’s hard to find a convention hall that will let you smoke marijuana in a closed environment,” he said. “And the authorities aren’t always friendly.”

Lundstrom is hoping to bring together medical marijuana growers from across the province to Saskatoon for the second Prairie Harvest Medicinal Marijuana Cup.

Judges will determine the best product from different strains of marijuana submitted by Health Canada-approved growers. Lundstrom also plans to host roundtable discussions on marijuana potency and policy.

For Lundstrom, who owns a head shop in Saskatoon called the Skunk Funk Smoker’s Emporium, the Harvest Cup is a labour of love.

“It’s a celebration of our freedom and what we believe is our choice,” he said. “I want everybody to know we’re not criminals. It’s just a celebration of something we think should be legal for everyone.”

But it’s not easy to buck the unsavoury reputation that marijuana cultivation engenders, Lundstrom said.

In fact, he said, most medical marijuana growers cultivate a small number of plants and don’t live like Tony Montana, or other supposed drug lords portrayed in Hollywood films.

“People are convinced that you profit from the production of cannabis,” Lundstrom said. “Growing weed is a very expensive and time-consuming ordeal. There’s nobody making it rich.”

Although medical marijuana is legal, possession is still illegal without a licence.

“It’s not an issue for police unless we receive a complaint in regard to it,” said Saskatoon police spokeswoman Alyson Edwards.

Lundstrom said although two of last year’s submissions were confiscated during shipping, the police generally leave him alone.

“We’ve made attempts to approach them about security and that kind of stuff, but their basic response is ‘We’re just not interested,'” he said. “As long as nobody’s complaining, there’s no reason for them to stir the pot.”

But Lundstrom said the police in other jurisdictions aren’t always so accommodating, which is one of the reasons cannabis competition are often a one-time event.

Lundstrom, a licensed medical marijuana user and grower, said the Prairie Cup is about more than just celebrating medical marijuana. It’s about Saskatchewan pride.

“There’s a lot of great farming and agriculture here,” he said. “That’s what we are, ganja farmers. That’s how I look at myself, as a farmer with roots and ties to Saskatchewan. It’s what has made me good at my job.”

The marijuana-growing competition is the only one of its kind in Saskatchewan.

“We’re simple people,” Lundstrom said. “We just enjoy growing our weed, sitting back and enjoying the sunset and the endless skies.”

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A Marijuana Bud A Day Keeps The Stroke Away

A Marijuana Bud A Day Keeps The Stroke Away

By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ in MedicalNews
Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 9:43 am
Hey man, it beats the hell out of Bayer.

One former heart surgeon says that while some people are on a daily dose of aspirin to lower the severity of problems — and the likelihood of strokes — after a heart attack or a first stroke, there’s a better way, reports Sabrina Rodriguez at Fox 40.
Dr. Dave Allen says that marijuana is a better alternative.
“Eating a bud a day will keep the stroke away,” Dr. Allen said. “No other medicine made by man can help in this manner.”

A study sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services found that rats had their incidence of stroke reduced by 50 percent with the administration of cannabinoids.
Dr. Allen recommends raw marijuana buds — not dried ones — to avoid the “high” the comes with cannabis. Marijuana’s chief psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is activated by the drying and curing process.

Israel is world leader in medical marijuana use

‘Israel is world leader in medical marijuana use’

03/06/2012 15:44

Anesthesiologist and pain relief expert tells Knesset Committee on Drug Abuse that Israel is leader in the field.

Marijuana or cannabis

Photo: MCT

Israel is the world leader in medical marijuana use, anesthesiologist and pain relief expert Dr. Bareket Schiff- Keren told the Knesset Committee on Drug Abuse on Tuesday.In addition, Israel Police representative Eyal Zilberman told the committee that medical marijuana is being sold on the black market, and the fields to grow the drug are not properly secured to prevent theft.

Approximately 15 tons of medicinal cannabis are stolen each year, police records show.

Most medical marijuana fields do not meet the police’s standards, according to Zilberman, who called the situation “bizarre.” He said that some of the fields are near shopping malls and parks and have low fences, without security cameras or locks.

“Anyone can come in and take what they want,” Zilberman explained. “We warned the Health Ministry that they must close those fields, but nothing happened.”

Committee on Drug Abuse chairman MK Taleb a-Sanaa (UAL-Ta’al) expressed frustration that after two years of meetings on securing medical marijuana fields, the topic still has not been dealt with properly.

“Those who are ill will pay the price for these problems,” he said.

Dr. Yehuda Baruch, who is responsible for coordinating the growth of medical marijuana, warned that without government regulation, use of the drug for medicinal purposes could lead to general legalization of cannabis.

However, Baruch said he will not order a medical marijuana field closed unless the owner is indicted.

Another police representative complained that they have no way of enforcing the law related to medical cannabis fields, and that it would be preferable to import the drug, rather than grow it locally.

A-Sanaa said that in the coming months, the Committee on Drug Abuse will further investigate the subject and visit a cannabis field.

The committee chairman said that, while Israel could serve as a model for other countries on how to use marijuana medicinally, the Health Ministry should not ignore the police, and make sure that fields are properly protected.

Weed That Doesn’t Get You STONED

Weed That Doesn’t Get You STONED?

DECEMBER 5, 2011

For decades growers have tried to create the most psychoactive, the most mind-blowing weed possible…so it seems a li’l odd to be going the opposite direction doesn’t it?
Newsflash haters, not everyone who smokes weed is looking to get high.

Speaking of high…it’s the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that gets ya high. But, there are many other chemicals contained within the herb that have a myriad of beneficial and healing effects on the body.

When it comes to medical applications it’s not the THC most patients and doctors are after, but rather CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol makes up nearly half the plant, about 40%, has NO psychoactive effect and has been shown to not only help relieve convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea, but also inhibit cancer cell growth! One more time: inhibit cancer cell growth! That’s huge.

Back in November 2007, researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center reported that CBD shows promise for controlling the spread of metastatic breast cancer. In essence CBD represents the first non-toxic external medicine that can inhibit cancer cell growth.Additionally, many promising studies have shown that CDB could be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of tough-to-control conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, PTSD, epilepsy, atibiotic-resistant infections, neurological disorders and even alcoholism. That’s right…there’s a marijuana strain out there that scientist think will help people end battles their struggle alcoholism.

Oh, and CBD alone is completely NON-INTOXICATING. That’s why it’s been nearly bred out of current strains of marijuana. But, that’s all about to change.

Steve DeAngelo of the Harborside Health Center and Weed Wars on Discovery“Ultimately, there will be greater demand for CBD-rich cannabis, than there is for cannabis that just gets you high,” says Steve DeAngelo, Executive Director of the Harborside Health Center and Discovery Channel’s Weed Wars Star“Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis, but almost everybody can benefit from its medical properties”.

In a post-marijuana prohibition age, where pot prices are plummeting and wreaking havoc on growers, businesses, towns and counties throughout California, DeAngelo has started a program to identify strains with high CBD levels and he’s encouraging growers to propagate them. This whole new paradigm shift is just another way the marijuana industry is stimulating the economy during this  dismal economic time.

Now that there’s weed available that doesn’t get people STONED…that’s actually providing lucrative new job opportunities and medicinal possibilities…maybe more people will accept marijuana’s rightful place as the HEALING OF THE NATIONS!


Marijuana Has Never Done HARM Ever

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