5 Debunked Marijuana Myths The State Uses To Keep America In The Stone Age


By Jack Burns

There’s a movement underway in America. It involves changing the way Americans view a federally designated controlled substance it classifies as a Schedule I narcotic. Over the last few years, twenty-nine U.S. states have now acted against the federal government’s ban on marijuana, and have voted to legalize cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes.

But even with so many Americans voting against the long-standing federal ban on a natural, healing herb, a plant no-less, much misconception still abounds with respect to marijuana, its users, and the impact it has on society. In the following essay, a close examination of the claims against cannabis will be examined, and hopefully, in the end, a better understanding will take place, and myths long associated with cannabis use will finally be dispelled.

Misconception Number 1 – Cannabis (marijuana) is a Gateway Drug

It’s been said so much it may seem like an immutable fact, “Marijuana is a gateway drug.” But nothing could be further from the truth. According to one research study (Morral, 2002) which sought to examine the available research theorizing cannabis to be a gateway drug, marijuana users were only likely to try harder drugs if they were offered those drugs by a friend or a dealer, for example. The researchers concluded, “something like a marijuana gateway effect probably does exist, if only because marijuana purchases bring users in contact with the black market that also brings increases access to hard drugs.” In other words, the researchers concluded since marijuana is illegal for most purchasers, even purchasers where marijuana may be legal (whose users may not be card carrying medicinal marijuana licensed users), those who are seeking marijuana may find themselves faced with temptation to use harder drugs because street dealers will sell them any drug they may be peddling.

The researchers concluded that only a “tiny fraction” of marijuana users are at risk for turning to harder drugs, simply because those said individuals have a propensity to experimenting with those harder drugs. With those conclusions in mind, being able to regulate marijuana like alcohol, even allowing for it to be purchased for recreational use, will permit cannabis users and those wishing to experiment with cannabis to come in contact with just marijuana, not the other harder drugs found on the street. Proponents of marijuana foresee a day where it’s sold only at tightly regulated dispensaries and believe that a legal system is the only real and effective way to combat the criminal black market. Such dispensaries provide a safe place to do business, free from the shame and stigma of “buying drugs off the street” and away from the availability of harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Misconception Number 2 – Marijuana Use Leads to More Traffic Fatalities

Citing the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, Forbes reported that not only is marijuana use safer than alcohol use when it comes to driving, but far fewer fatalities are recorded when marijuana is present than when alcohol is present in traffic fatality instances. “It looks like marijuana’s impact on traffic safety has been greatly exaggerated,” writes Forbes. There’s no question marijuana use impairs a person’s ability to operate a vehicle, especially when the drivers are young and male. But in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is currently legal, driving under the influence (DUI) citations are on the decline, as reported by the Denver Post, and highway fatalities are at an historic low, according to The Washington Post.

Compared to alcohol, which is legal in all 50 states, cannabis is much safer. Forbes writes, “a 2015 National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) study…found no statistically significant association between marijuana use and crash risk once the researchers adjusted for confounding variables (such as the aforementioned age and sex). The explanation for this difference may be that the NHTSA analysis included any drivers who tested positive for active THC, whether or not they were still feeling the effects.” Given these statistics, one might hypothesize that if those who are currently drinking and driving, would give up alcohol, and use marijuana instead, driving under the influence fatalities might further diminish. However, more research into that theory should be undertaken before any such conclusion could be drawn.

Misconception Number 3 – Marijuana Use Increases Crime Rates

Actually, the “War on Drugs” produces more criminals than the substances do, according to one recent editorial. Fox News John Stossel addressed the issue of drugs and violence saying, “Violent? People who get high are rarely violent. The violence occurs because when something’s illegal, it is sold only on the black market. And that causes crime. Drug dealers can’t just call the cops if someone tries to steal their supply. So they form gangs and arm themselves to the teeth.” Some police officers agree. Neil Franklin, a 33-year veteran police officer from Maryland used to kick down doors during drug raids and admitted he used to feel that drugs made people violent.

Franklin now is a proponent for ending the prohibition against cannabis, leading the group known as LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “It must be difficult to be an opponent of marijuana reform. They can’t make arguments against legalization based on logic and facts so they must constantly resort to fear-based hypotheticals and anecdotes that keep getting proved wrong by systematic study. I feel for them. I really do,” he said. Citing a longitudinal research study by the University of Texas, Dallas, LEAP maintains where marijuana is legal, the crime rates for homicides and assault are slightly lower.  Franklin told Stossel, “We have the violence of these gangs competing for market share, and people get hurt.” He added the current police tactics in the war on drugs are ineffective and actually create more war on drug victims. “Drugs can be — and are in many cases — problematic,” he told Stossel adding, “But the policies that we have in place to prohibit their use are 10 times more problematic.”

When police officers decide to start busting down doors in a frenetic search for drugs, “We end up with kids being shot … search warrants being served on the wrong home, innocent people on the other side of the door thinking that they are protecting their home,” he stated lamenting his role in police raids. Stossel indicated that legalizing all drugs, following the example set by the country of Portugal, might actually reduce drug addiction and end the notion that police officers and modern-day policing are the enemies, allowing law enforcement to focus their attentions on real crime and hardened criminals.

The failure of the war on drugs may best be described by USA Today’s editorial board. “With an average 78 Americans dying each day from overdoses of prescription opioid painkillers and heroin, it’s clear that the U.S. is losing the war on drugs. The epidemic has spread to suburbia and rural areas. The death toll from heroin has more than tripled since 2010. And the nation is desperate for answers,” they write. The truth is that the real drug killers of Americans are powerful prescription pain pills, opiates, and as The Free Thought Project has faithfully reported, their abuse has reached epidemic levels, now accounting for more fatalities than car accidents. All the while, marijuana is showing promise as a much safer alternative for pain than deadly opiates. In fact, in states where marijuana is legalized in some form, opiate deaths have plummeted.

Misconception Number 4 – The Tax Money Legal Marijuana Generates Never Makes It To Schools

According to one pro-marijuana legalization advocacy group, citing the Colorado Department of Revenue’s marijuana statistics, “the regulated marijuana market generated more than $156 million in state tax revenue and license fees in FY 2015-2016, including $40 million in tax revenue for school construction projects — fulfilling the promise of Amendment 64 — plus an addition $2.45 million also earmarked for public schools. These figures do not include local taxes and fees (e.g. Denver).”

If the schools never see a dime of the revenue being brought in from legal medical and recreational marijuana sales, it may be due to legislative appropriation and not revenue generation. In other words, the money’s coming in, but citizens must be vigilant to ensure lawmakers simply don’t spend it for some other purpose than in schools and education.

Misconception Number 5 – Cannabis is Addictive and Legalization Will Lead To More Deaths From Overdose, Cancer, and Violence

“Millions of Americans have tried marijuana, but most are not regular users [and] few marijuana users become dependent on it … [A]lthough [some] marijuana users develop dependence, they appear to be less likely to do so than users of other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), and marijuana dependence appears to be less severe than dependence on other drugs,” concluded a federal study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine. Drug treatment facilities also know this. While it is possible for one to seek treatment for cannabis dependence, few drug treatment facilities will even consider admitting someone if their drug of choice is cannabis

There’s a reason why stoners “chill” when they smoke weed. It’s because cannabis relaxes its users, who are much less likely to become violent while stoned. One research study concluded cannabis use “reduces likelihood of violence” and concluded “alcohol is clearly the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship”. Put simply, your town drunk is more likely to pick a fight with you than your neighborhood pothead is.

According to one source, “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 30,000 annual U.S. deaths are attributed to the health effects of alcohol (i.e. this figure does not include accidental deaths). On the other hand, the CDC does not even have a category for deaths caused by the health effects of marijuana. A study published in Scientific Reports in January 2015 found that the mortality risk associated with marijuana was approximately 114 times less than that of alcohol.” Going further, “there has never been a case of an individual dying from a marijuana overdose. Meanwhile, the CDC attributes more than 1,600 U.S. deaths per year to alcohol poisoning.” Alcohol has been known to cause cirrhosis of the liver as well. But weed works as an anti-inflammatory, and a natural anti-depressant, potentially much safer than the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and carries no black box warning label like they do.

As far as cancer is concerned, the organization Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol stated,

Alcohol use is associated with a wide variety of cancers, including cancers of the esophagus, stomach, colon, lungs, pancreas, liver and prostate. Marijuana use has not been conclusively associated with any form of cancer. In fact, a 2009 study contradicted the long-time government claim that marijuana use is associated with head and neck cancers. It found that marijuana use actually reduced the likelihood of head and neck cancers. If you are concerned about marijuana being associated with lung cancer, you may be interested in the results of the largest case-controlled study ever conducted to investigate the respiratory effects of marijuana smoking and cigarette smoking. Released in 2006, the study, conducted by Dr. Donald Tashkin at the University of California at Los Angeles, found that marijuana smoking was not associated with an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Surprisingly, the researchers found that people who smoked marijuana actually had lower incidences of cancer compared to non-users of the drug.

So there you have it! Armed with these facts and more, proponents of the legalization of cannabis can take their case to the court of public opinion and win over the jury of their peers, swaying the population to embrace marijuana as medicine for a whole host of illnesses. Those who are sitting cautiously on the fence, waiting to draw their own conclusions now have more research studies to ponder. And proponents of continuing the decades-long prohibition of cannabis no longer have a leg to stand on.

Jack Burns writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.


2 Simple Ingredients Cure For Cancer

She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients Into a Cure For Cancer, Then the Government Shut Her Down

Hippocrates might be credited with saying “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” but biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig is known for making this belief a reality.7

One of the top experts on fats and oils in the 1950s, Dr. Budwig found that the right combination of quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil has therapeutic properties in preventing, treating, and even curing cancer.1,4 Known as the Budwig Diet, could this diet protocol beat cancer?

Dr. Budwig’s Discoveries

How did Dr. Budwig derive her understanding that this simple strategy has major therapeutic properties? While researching the pathogenesis of disease and illness as a biochemist in Germany, Dr. Budwig observed that quark (a soft fresh cheese) contained the very same sulphydryl groups found in cancer treatment drugs. These sulphydryl groups are cysteine and methionineamino acids.4

While researching fats and oils, Dr. Budwig further established that essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, referred to as PUFAs, are major components of cellular membranes.4 Without a properly functioning cellular membrane, cells lose the ability to perform vital life processes such as cellular respiration and the ability to divide and form new cells.

The two essential polyunsaturated fatty acids critical for cell membrane support are:

  1. Linoleic Acid (LA): Better known as omega-6 fatty acids.
  1. Linolenic Acid (LNA): Commonly referred to as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have been recognized for their anticancer properties and roles in preventing sickness and disease.4

Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil Work to Re-energize Cells

A chemical reaction takes place when the sulphydryl groups in quark or cottage cheese bind with the unsaturated fatty acids in flaxseed oil.3,4 This reaction allows the flaxseed to become water soluble and enter into a cell to supply energy.

Imagine the cells in your body are the same as the battery in a car. Our cells also require electrical energy in order to run and energize all of our life-giving biological functions. In order for a dead car battery to be recharged, it requires jumper cables to supply an electrical current from a good battery. The combination of quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil work together and function like jumper cables.

In her research, Dr. Budwig’s cancer patients had improved oxygen supply to their cells and found relief from all forms of cancer including cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, brain, breast, and skin cancers.1,2,5,6

How to Make the Budwig Diet Protocol a Lifestyle

Dr. Budwig advised specific recommendations in order to beat cancer.1 The following is a list of guidelines for using her protocol:

  • Drink only purified water
  • Receive adequate amounts of sunshine to stimulate healing in the mind and body
  • Eliminate all processed foods from your diet
  • Do not consume sugar, meat, or animal fat
  • Prepare only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables
  • Prepare and eat foods immediately, never use leftovers
  • Avoid all drugs and supplements
  • Always grind flaxseeds fresh and consume within 15 minutes of grinding
  • Mix quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a 2:1 ratio and blend until no visible oil remains floating
  • Do not mix in added ingredients until final cheese mixture results

Further Recommendations for the Budwig Diet

If suffering from cancer, Dr. Budwig recommended consuming up to 8 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (in the mixture) daily. Otherwise, 1 tablespoon per day of flaxseed oil can be taken to prevent cancer.1

The pathogenesis of cancer can be stimulated by toxins in our environment and all sources of these toxins should be eliminated. This includes trans fats, genetically modified foods, and carcinogen-ridden cooking tools such as Teflon coated pans and plastic.6

Since Dr. Budwig’s research, other cancer experts have introduced similar cancer treatment protocols designed to stimulate cellular health and function by improving cellular respiration, strengthening immunity, reducing body acidity, and limiting carcinogens in the body.1,2,4

Reverse Cancer Naturally with the Budwig  Diet

Dr. Budwig’s research has had a domino effect on influencing the scientific and medical community. Since her research, the last 50 years of science involves the study of fats and oils and the effects that these components have on our bodies.4

If you want to give Dr. Budwig’s Diet protocol a try for beating cancer, you must begin by purchasing high-quality ingredients to promote optimal health and healing. For example, Barlean’s cold pressed flax oil with no added lignins can be found in the refrigerator section of health food stores. It is contained in a dark bottle and should never be used past its expiration date.

Nancy’s brand of organic low fat cottage cheese contains probiotics and enzymes which even those with dairy sensitivities may tolerate. People living in many European countries will have access to quark.

Purchasing lower quality cottage cheese inhibits the necessary chemical reaction from occurring between the sulphydryl groups and fatty acids. Preservatives and hormones in poor quality cheeses coupled with high heat pasteurization processes destroy the quality sulfur-containing protein.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Preparing the Budwig Diet Mixture

You can prevent and even reverse cancer naturally by implementing strategies of the Budwig Diet Protocol. Use these step-by-step instructions to prepare your own fresh Budwig Diet mixture.

Remember, 1 tablespoon of flax oil plus 2 tablespoons of organic low fat cottage cheese or quark is recommended for every 100 pounds of an individual. The recipe can be adjusted according to dosage needs as well as for its intended purpose to treat the severity of cancer symptoms.

  1. Place 1 tablespoon of cold pressed flaxseed oil into a glass container.
  2. Mix in 2 tablespoons of organic, low-fat (2% or less) cottage cheese OR quark.
  3. Never by hand, and preferably using an immersion blender, blend the two foods for 1 minute. This will result in a whipped cream like consistency.
  4. Grind 2 tablespoons of either golden or brown flaxseeds in a coffee grinder for 1 minute until an airy, fluffy appearance results. Place ground flaxseed in a separate glass bowl. Add the cheese and oil mixture to the ground flax seed and stir with a spoon to combine.

Additional add-ins including organic fruits, nuts, and spices can be added on top for a tasty meal.


This article was republished with permission from thetruthaboutcancer.com.


After November 8 America may need legalized pot

 By Frank Scott

“If we cast a vote for establishment politicians we are legitimizing establishment control of politics. It’s that simple.”—Michael K. Smith

As millions prepare to do just what Smith warns against, including hundreds of thousands who think themselves dedicated to ending such control, it’s time we understand American mind management’s great success at reducing voters to herds of human cattle whether from a conservative right, a liberal left, or trapped in the middle of the political desert called the two party system under one class control.

Reducing otherwise thoughtful Americans to sinking intellectually lower than those they are taught to disrespect as uneducated and worse, we find an allegedly liberal population that might make Germans during the Nazi era seem civil libertarians by comparison. The all consuming state of the mind managed and consciousness controlled—the greater the conflict, the tighter the control—finds supposedly educated groups reacting with all the critical thoughtfulness of a dog leaving its droppings on the pavement. And a likeness to excrement might be raising the level of debate, given the atrocities of persuasion used to reduce America’s political arena to a giant national toilet. Consider only a few of the glaring contradictions hardly given a thought by innocents who exercise more choice while shopping for clothes, pet food, weapons or drugs than in the political marketplace where they, instead of the products, are branded. And let’s remember the origin of this ugly overused term which originally meant burning into the flesh of an animal or human slave the “brand” of its owner. Whose “brand” are you?

People taught that freedom of speech and thought are cherished ideals are programmed into vilifying those who dare to speak or think differently than they. While the all too easy examples of religious fundamentalists suppressing the freedom of one or another minority or the right to openly speak about beliefs that contradict the accepted code are cited by a purportedly secular liberal sector as narrow minded bigotry, it is as guilty, often proudly so, of the same behavior.

For example, when a rich, silicon valley techmeister dared to contradict the hypothetically free thinking libertarian mindset of the market fundamentalist community who make up the majority of the rich IT class, the reaction was swift and as tolerant as any Nazi embargo on thought. Previously lauded by a gay liberal publication for being rich and homosexual as well, he became a villain and un-gay for being a supporter of Donald Trump. And liberals too young to remember or too ignorant to know about the anti-Soviet frenzy of the Cold War are aroused to react to Putin and Russia the way the people they treat with utter contempt might react to an abortion being performed at the altar during their church service. A supposed community of gay rights advocates doesn’t accept gays who don’t toe the party line of such supporters, while alleged anti-war oriented people operate in a controlled mental state lusting for war as the country moves closer to a military confrontation with Russia, provoked by sources of propaganda they formerly opposed moving them to think—if at all—from their lower anatomy, in the fashion of the candidate they are programmed to hate.

A rapidly diminishing economic system that still rewards a substantial minority with comfort and privilege while giving the class above them that brands their professions measures of wealth beyond belief, is made to feel superior to the majority who carry the burden of social costs to finance their personal benefits. This results in great numbers of people looking down on those below them in the economic stratification of 21st century capitalism, approaching that of its centuries old origins in comfort for some and squalor for most. Thus, those able to afford education, a shrinking minority and ”diverse” in the divide and conquer modes of identitarian affirmation, are taught to disrespect those with less ability to pay the educational premiums or qualify for the massive debt required. The majority of Americans, without college degrees and forced to accept even more limited work than those who make it through the paper mills and become lawyers, teachers or as often, baristas, are seen as less able to think or perform in the capitalist marketplace and become subjects of blame for all the worst aspects of the game.

Inequality, racism, sexism, problems of immigration, gentrification and many other aspects of what passes for normal political economics are seen as the fault or responsibility of “others.” And the majority group, carefully splintered into as many ethnic, religious and ugliest and most ignorant of all, racial minorities—thus with less chance to perform as the majority we truly are—are driven to reactionary minority political organization which seems the only answer to other reactionary minority opposition given that action of a majority is treated as a work of fiction or desire of folly. Meanwhile, imperial warfare, Wall Street, Corporate America, the richest 1%, its well paid servants and Israeli interests continue to take up the lion’s share of the nation’s wealth as alleged market competition becomes the anti-social reality of the most while a perverted form of wealthy socialism exists with benefits for only the least.

With established billionaires, through their banks and lobbies like NRAIPAC, maintaining control whichever of the deadly duo is elected by well meaning lesser evilites, the need for a radical politics of truly revolutionary and not simply social democratic change will become more pressing. The identity group of those with enough money to matter no matter what their skin tone, religion or ethnicity, needs to join with masses whose lives matter much less because they haven’t enough money to matter, no matter what their skin tone, ethnicity or religion. The most democratic, humane and efficient system will not happen until it’s created by people who understand that with all the horrid treatment of people of different caste and color, the primary division and barrier among all of humanity is that of economic class. With all the nonsense about an alleged problem of growing population, no one goes without food, shelter, education or healthcare because there isn’t enough of those things, but only because they haven’t enough money to pay for them and return a profit to the marketeers who sell them.

We now have capital’s representatives from all supposed minorities in Congress, on Wall street, in the military, as CEOs of major corporations and just about everything else. Whether the private profits accrue to heterosexuals, homosexuals, people of light skin tone, dark skin tone, or with accents that identify them as from Mexico, Brooklyn or Serbo-Croatia, they come at public expense. Instead of seeking other mind management created minorities to blame or see as enemies, we need to direct our focus at the rigged system of human inequality which allows some to thrive only at others’ failure. The only minority to deal with on a confrontational basis is the billionaire gang formerly confronted by some dedicated followers of the Bernie Sanders campaign, before they became sheep led to a voting booth to make sure that billionaire minority retains its domination. If only 5% of them vote for Jill Stein, the Greens will receive millions of public dollars to continue building a real alternative of hope for the future. When slavish obedience to mind managed lesser evil ends, we will begin building a better nation and world, but not until then. On the eighth, vote, inhale deeply and try to relax, if you can. And on the ninth, begin working for that change, if you haven’t already.


Frank Scott‘s political commentary and satire is online at legalienate.blogspot.com. Email: fpscott@gmail.com.

Navajo Looking To Develop Industrial Hemp Farming On Tribal Lands

By Michael Maharrey

The Navajo Tribe has signed a resolution to grow industrial hemp on tribal lands, another step undermining federal prohibition in effect.

According to a report published in Forbes, the Navajo will work with CannaNative to develop industrial hemp farming. The organization assists tribes in developing hemp and cannabis-based economies on Native American lands throughout the United States.

“I believe that the Indian cannabis industry will far surpass the Indian gaming industry,” said CannaNative chief executive officer Anthony Rivera. While gaming has been lucrative, it hasn’t benefited all tribes and casino growth numbers are slowing. The Indian community sees industrial hemp as a revenue source that will level the play field for all tribes.

As a next step, CannaNative officials will meet with the Navajo Agricultural Products Industries (NAPI) farms CEO to arrange for a signed MOU/Resolution to proceed.

Rivera told Forbes his organization will work with closely with Navajo commerce and agricultural divisions. Tribal lands cover parts of New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. The farm where they plan to begin industrial hemp production is in New Mexico.

State law could play a major role in the development of a Navajo hemp industry. In 2015, the feds raided a farm on the Menominee Indian reservation in Wisconsin and eradicated 30,000 cannabis plants planted for hemp research. The feds contend they contained THC levels above those allowable for hemp.The tribe lost a lawsuit with the federal judge saying that because Wisconsin hasn’t legalized marijuana, the tribe couldn’t grow it within state borders.

Legalization of industrial hemp in New Mexico would help facilitate tribal plans. They can proceed with or without state legalization, but eliminating a layer of state laws would certainly make the path toward developing a hemp economy smoother. In April 2015, New Mexico Gov, Susanna Martinez vetoed a bill legalizing hemp production within the state. She cited contradictions between state and federal law.

Up until recently, the federal government maintained almost complete prohibition on industrial hemp. While it was technically legal to grow hemp, farmers had to obtain a permit from the DEA, a nearly impossible task.

Early in 2014, President Barack Obama signed a new farm bill into law, which included a provision allowing a handful of states to begin limited research programs growing hemp. The “hemp amendment”

…allows State Agriculture Departments, colleges and universities to grow hemp, defined as the non-drug oil-seed and fiber varieties of Cannabis, for academic or agricultural research purposes, but it applies only to states where industrial hemp farming is already legal under state law.

In short, current federal law authorizes the farming of hemp – by research institutions only, for research only. Farming for commercial purposes by individuals and businesses remains prohibited. Laws in these states ignore federal prohibition and authorizes commercial farming and production anyway.

But several states, including Colorado, Oregon, Maine and Vermont have simply ignored federal prohibition altogether and legalized hemp production. The minimal possibility of federal prosecution has not stopped some growers from taking advantage of the opportunities they see with the door now cracked open to develop a hemp market in these states. Hemp industries have already started developing in Vermont, Colorado, Maine and other states that have legalized it at the state level.

In Maine, the Passamaquoddy Tribe has obtained a permit to cultivate industrial hemp in Maine. Quoddy Hemp Manufacturing LLC spokeswoman Diana Nelson told the Press Herald the company “has obtained seeds from Kentucky and the Passamaquoddy Tribe is researching what kinds of hemp might grow best in northern New England.”

Recent economic reports suggest that the U.S. market for hemp is at a minimum $600 million per year. Industry observers count as many as 25,000 uses for industrial hemp, including food, cosmetics, plastics and bio-fuel. The U.S. is currently the world’s number-one importer of hemp fiber for various products, with China and Canada acting as the top two exporters in the world.

A development of a hemp industry could provide a much needed economic boom for the Navajo. The tribe has a population of over 300,000 and its tribal lands cover more area than 10 U.S. states. But poverty plagues the tribe, with more than 48 percent of its population unemployed. The feds would be hard-pressed to crack down on Navajo farmers simply trying to improve the tribe’s economic situation.

Tribal hemp production would serve to further grow the U.S. hemp market. That would place even more pressure on federal prohibition. As the market grows, and more people engage in hemp production, more people will become emboldened creating an exponential wave, ultimately nullifying the federal ban in effect.

Michael Maharrey [send him email] is the Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center, where this article first appeared. He proudly resides in the original home of the Principles of ’98 – Kentucky. See his blog archive here and his article archive here. He is the author of the book, Our Last Hope: Rediscovering the Lost Path to Liberty. You can visit his personal website at MichaelMaharrey.com

Marijuana Has Never Done HARM Ever

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